Commercial Ramps- The United Series

The Rampit USA commercial line or “United Series” is designed and built for non-residential applications such as businesses, schools, churches, modular buildings.  As the Independence Series provides freedom and access to individuals for everyday life the United Series brings those in the community together by providing access to all within the community’s; businesses, schools, churches, and other public places.                                      The United Series adheres to strict IBC, ADA, and state building codes and has the necessary stamping for load requirements.  The functionality of the United Series with its modular design allows for pieces to be moved and reconfigured.  The United Series offers all of the same great features as the Independence Series along with additional safety features and increased load capacities.


  • ADA compliant access for modular buildings, businesses, schools, and churches.
  • Life-Time Manufacturers Warranty – Contact us for full warranty details.
  • All Aluminum Products are Rust- Free and Non- Corrosive
  • Smooth, Continuous Handrails.
  • Slip Resistant Walking Surface for Safe Travel
  • Infinite Adjustable Leg/ System Heights.
  • Modular Design Allows for Re-location and Reconfiguration- For the best functionality in the industry
  • Custom Fabrication/ Options- At no additional charge.
  • Minimal Assembly for Quick and Simple Installation.
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