Congratulations to all 2024 Rampit USA Family Graduates!

Published On: June 17th, 2024

Join us in congratulating the following Rampit USA Family members for their academic achievements as they graduate from various levels of schooling and move forward in their academic and professional journeys.

Blake Marske
Coldwater High School

Blake Marske graduated from Coldwater High School. He is the son of Heather Marske, Rampit USA HR/Operations manager, and her husband, Richard Marske. Blake intends to pursue full-time employment with the aim of gaining valuable experience as he considers various career options to find the most fulfilling path for his future.

Abby Herman
Kellogg Community College

Abby Herman, the daughter of Roni and Rick Herman, recently achieved her certification as a dental hygienist after successfully completing her studies at Kellogg Community College. Her outstanding academic performance led to her inclusion on the Dean’s list and receiving the prestigious Golden Scale Award. Abby is now applying her expertise at a local dental office in Coldwater, where she is dedicated to providing top-quality care to her patients.

Micah Calligan
Jonesville High School

Micah Calligan, the son of Eddie Calligan, one of our dedicated scheduling coordinators, recently graduated from Jonesville High School. With a passion for baseball, Micah looks forward to continuing his athletic journey at Lansing Community College. In addition to pursuing his sporting endeavors, Micah plans to immerse himself in the study of business and acquire a license as an electrician, showcasing his determination to excel in academics and a skilled trade.

Brooklyn Dalchow
Union City High School

Brooklyn Dalchow, the daughter of Cassie Barrett, is currently studying Graphic Design at Kellogg Community College. She began attending college during her Junior year of high school, taking fall, winter, spring, and summer classes. She will graduate with her associate’s degree just after her 19th birthday in Spring 2025! After that, she would like to transfer and enroll in a marketing program, setting herself up to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with an associate’s in Graphic Design. Brooklyn has always had big dreams and a creative mind.

Jaxon Herendeen

Jaxon Herendeen, the son of Cyle, our shop manager, and Miranda Herendeen, has just completed his preschool education. Throughout this time, Jaxon enjoyed playing and spending time with his friends. Jaxon will move on to kindergarten to make new friends and continue growing and learning. As he looks towards his future, Jaxon dreams of working for Rampit USA. We can not wait to have Jaxon here with us in the future!

Check out Jaxon’s big plans for his future below: 

Posted by Rampit USA on Friday, May 24, 2024

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