We are Rampit USA

Family Owned and Operated Since 1992

Built on a commitment to quality, integrity, and exceptional service, Rampit USA is proud to offer one of the safest and most dependable lines of handicap-accessible ramps in America.

Offering commercial, residential, and portable wheelchair and handicap accessible solutions, Rampit USA ramps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including aluminum, wooden and modular handicap ramps. They can be custom-tailored for any job and are easy to use, low-maintenance, and designed to withstand a lifetime of continuous use.

All Rampit USA handicap ramps and components are made in the United States and are proudly used to serve America’s Veterans across the country.

Our Mission

To empower, unite and provide safe, affordable, barrier-free independence to the people and communities we serve.

Our core values


At Rampit USA, we have great compassion for one another, our vendors and our customers. We strive to operate daily with kindness, sensitivity, and a caring demeanor.


We demonstrate respect to everyone we associate with. We admire all of our customers and vendors. We have the upmost reverence for our nation’s Veterans as it is an honor to offer our products and services to you.


Our team members are always kind and eager to please. We strive daily to be as supportive and accommodating as possible to every customer and patient we interact with.


We are responsible for our actions, products, service, and decisions. We have an obligation to one another, our customers, and our vendors to provide the highest quality products and service possible and to build the best relationships possible with everyone we interact with.


At Rampit USA, we are committed to providing high-quality, safe, durable products and a level of customer service that is in a class and caliber of its own. Every one of our products exceeds the safety requirements for strength, and load capacities. Simply, our quality standards for our products and services are not average or status quo.


We collectively work together to provide the best ramping options available and the best customer experience possible.


We are committed to drive change and challenge the status quo to exceed expectations. We continuously look for new methods and processes, while simultaneously test new products and ideas. If we are not moving forward then we are standing still, if we are standing still, we are falling behind.