About Us

Rampit USA manufactures one of the industry’s most complete line of ready to install access ramps. Rampit USA offers access ramps for residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational use. These products come in a variety of sizes and options, and all can be custom tailored to meet the specifications of any job.  Whether your need is large or small, commercial or residential, industrial or recreational we can RAMPIT! 

Rampit USA was founded in 1992 by the father and son team of Ted Short Sr. and Ted Short Jr. With Ted Sr. being a veteran himself the duo recognized the need for access for other veterans. Together over the course of 25 years the Shorts grew the company into a national supplier of custom made access ramps with dealers and installers throughout the country. The current business foundation and philosophy remains the same as it did when the Shorts founded the company, with product quality and customer service at the forefront of the company’s operations.

Today Rampit USA continues to be family owned and operated, although under new ownership. Presently, Rampit USA is classified as a small business, employing less than 50 people. The company continues to manufacture and distribute nationwide out of its headquarters located in Coldwater, Michigan. Currently, Rampit USA boasts over 200 years of combined ramp experience. It is this experience that separates Rampit USA from its competitors. Our well-developed team is comprised of experts in ADA codes, ramp evaluation, design, and installation. This dedicated and experienced team allows Rampit USA to continue to be an industry leader in accessibility.

Core Values

Rampit USA operates daily by utilizing its Six Core Values. These values represent the company’s guiding principles for doing business.

Compassion – At Rampit USA, we have great compassion for one another, our Veterans, customers, vendors, dealers, and installers. We strive to operate daily with kindness, sensitivity, and a caring demeanor.

Respect – We demonstrate respect to everyone we associate with. We admire all of our customers, vendors, dealers, and installers.  We have the upmost reverence for our nation’s Veterans as it is an honor to offer our products and services to you.

Quality – At Rampit USA, we are committed to providing high-quality, safe, durable products that are in a class and caliber of their own.  Every one of our products exceeds the safety requirements for strength, and load capacities. Our quality standards are not average or status quo.

Accountability – We are responsible for our actions, products, service, and decisions. We have an obligation to one another, our Veterans, customers, vendors, dealers, and installers to manufacture the highest quality products possible and to build the best relationships possible with everyone we interact with. We account for all of our activities, and accept responsibility for them.

Teamwork – We collectively work together to achieve our mission and provide the best products and customer experience possible.

Innovation – At Rampit USA, we are committed to drive change and challenge the status quo to exceed expectations. We continuously look for new methods and processes, while simultaneously test new products and ideas. If we are not moving forward then we are standing still, if we are standing still, we are falling behind.

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