Frequently asked questions

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How much does a ramp cost?
All Rampit USA ramps are custom designed and built for your specific needs, so the only way to get an accurate cost estimate is to schedule a free evaluation from one of our expert installers.

All Rampit USA evaluations are performed free of charge.

How quickly can a ramp be installed?
Most ramps are installed in as little as one to three business days, but can be installed same-day in the event of an emergency.

What are Rampit USA ramps made of?
Most ramps and components are made of durable, lightweight aluminum that will never rust or corrode. Our wood aluminum ramps are made of a combination of treated lumber and aluminum.

How large of a ramp system do I need?
Ramp system length varies depending on the initial rise of a person’s home or porch. The slope of the ground from where the system starts and terminates. Also if there are space restrictions/obstacles or a set ending point that needs to be reached.

Does my ramp really need to be that long?
All Rampit USA ramps are installed to meet ADA guidelines for your safety, which means that your ramp needs to be a certain length to accommodate for the rise and any additional obstacles. Space restriction options are also available.

How much does it cost for a ramp installation?
Installation costs vary depending on job size and permit requirements.

How much does it cost for a ramp removal?
Ramp removal fees usually match the initial installation fee for each particular job.

Does Rampit USA rent ramps?
Our ramps can be rented through our rental partner, All American Ramp Rentals. All AARR ramps are built with the same Rampit USA ramps and parts that we manufacture and sell.

What’s the difference between a butt ramp and a curb ramp?
A butt ramp doesn’t have an adaptor at the top which would normally rest on the threshold. Instead, it butts up to the threshold. It has legs underneath and will be used when a door swings out. A curb ramp is used when a door swings in, has an adaptor on both ends, and will rest on the threshold.

What’s the difference between a bevel and a threshold ramp?
A bevel is at the bottom of a ramp which aids in a smoother transition from the ground to the ramp, or the ramp to the ground. A threshold ramp is typically used for 1-2″ elevations. It is used for a smoother transition from outside on the ramp to inside your home.

How do I keep my ramp from getting slippery, especially in the winter?
Our aluminum ramps are equipped with a special anti-slip tread. These grooves help to prevent most slippage. In the winter, however, ramps need to be treated as if they were a sidewalk. They need to be swept off with a broom and salt needs to be put on them in order to help melt snow and ice and keep the ramp from becoming slippery.

Our wood/aluminum ramps are also equipped with an anti-slip sand surface. Just like the aluminum ramps, wood/aluminum ramps need to be swept off and have salt spread on them in the winter months.

What can be used on the ramp for snow/ice removal?
Customers may use a broom, shovel, or any commercial ice melting application to remove snow and ice from the system.

What Codes do I need to meet?
ADA Codes would like to see one foot of ramping per every inch of total rise (Initial Rise +/- Yard Slope). This is referred to as 1/12. Less ramp may be used if there are space restrictions.

I’m moving. Can I take my ramp with me?
The ramp is yours and can be moved with you, however, we recommend contacting a Rampit USA dealer to have your new home evaluated to ensure your old ramp is installed safely.

What is covered under the warranty?
The Rampit USA warranty only covers problems caused by a faulty installation or product defects. We recommend adding your ramp to your homeowners insurance following installation to protect it from any additional damages.

Is a ramp’s warranty transferable?
The Rampit USA warranty is only valid for the initial installation.

Will the ramp cause any permanent damage?
Our modular ramps are designed to be set-up and taken down with no permanent damage to your lawn, landscaping, or your home.

How can I clean my ramp?
For all ramps, use an outdoor broom to clear away any debris. For more detailed cleaning, only use cleaners approved for your ramp’s material.