The United Series™ Handicap Ramps

The United Series™ is our commercial line of all-aluminum, modular wheelchair ramps. Designed to bring people together, the United Series provides increased safety and load capacities for high-traffic, commercial areas such as businesses, schools, and churches.

Slip-resistant walking surface

The solid, extruded tread on all of our handicap ramps and platforms feature molded ridges that will provide safe, durable traction throughout the ramp’s lifetime.

Rust free, non-corrosive materials

We build all of our commercial wheelchair ramps using high-strength aluminum components. Our ramps are maintenance-free and will never rust or corrode, offering an attractive appearance that will withstand a lifetime of continuous use.

Bigger and stronger

With many of the same features as our residential ramps, our commercial handicap ramps are stronger, wider, and better suited for heavier foot traffic or machinery.

Self-adjusting transition

The self-adjusting transition plate ensures a smooth transition on or off the ramp from most surfaces.

2” wheel guards

Two-inch wheel guards surround our ramps and platforms, preventing accidents and ensuring safe travel throughout the ramp.

Picketed handrails

Our picketed handrails come preassembled and add an additional level of safety to our commercial ramps—especially for small children or pets.

Custom Commercial Ramps and Platforms

Using only a few simple tools and a series of interchangeable parts, Rampit USA modular ramps can be configured or reconfigured into nearly any layout imaginable.