Empower Series™

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rampit USA rubber threshold ramps provide safe and easy access to areas with a rise of up to two inches and can withstand weights up to 1,000 lbs. Made of 100% recycled rubber and designed with a durable, anti-slip surface for indoor or outdoor use, all Rampit USA rubber threshold ramps are ADA compliant and come with a lifetime warranty.

Available in 8 different sizes

1/2″ Rise
1/2″H x 41 1/2″W x 3 1/4″L

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3/4″ Rise
3/4″H x 41 1/2″W x 6 1/4″L

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7/8″ Rise
7/8″H x 41 1/2″W x 8″L

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1″ Rise
1″H x 45 3/4″W x 12″L

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1 1/4″ Rise
1 1/4″H x 45 3/4″W x 14″L

1 1/2″ Rise
1 1/2″H x 45 3/4″W x 18″L

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1 3/4″ Rise
1 3/4″H x 45 3/4″W x 21″L

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2″ Rise
2″H x 45 3/4″W x 24″L

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Choosing the
proper size

Choosing the right rubber threshold ramp is important for creating a smooth, safe transition over thresholds. Measure from the floor to the top of the threshold to determine the appropriate height.

Trim to size

Rampit USA Rubber Empower Series Rubber Threshold Ramps can be trimmed to match the exact height, width or shape of your door threshold. We recommend carefully using a sharp razor blade, making a series of shallow cuts to get through the heavy-duty rubber.

Trim to height

If the height of the door threshold is less than the height of your rubber ramp, cutting the long edge of the ramp will reduce the overall height. 

Trim to width

You can also adjust the overall width of your ramp by trimming one or both of the short edges. 

Notch the corners

To fit your ramp within a door jam, simply notch out and remove the corners from your rubber ramp.  

Please note: trimming your ramp is not covered under the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.