Empower Series™

Curb and Butt Ramps

Heavy-duty ramps can hold extreme weights up to 1,000. Made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum components, Rampit USA ramps are built to withstand a lifetime of everyday use and will never rust or corrode. The included self-adjusting bevel creates a safe, smooth transition from most surfaces onto to the ramp.

  • Safe, easy passage for wheelchairs or scooters over door thresholds or elevations up to 10-inches.

  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum ramps are built for a lifetime of continuous use and will never rust or corrode.

  • Anti-slip surface provides safe passage in all conditions.

  • All Rampit USA aluminum access products are designed, built, and sourced in the USA, and come with a hassle-free, lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Curb Ramp vs Butt Ramp

The only difference between a Curb and a Butt Ramp is how they transition to the raised surface.

Curb Ramps

The upper end of the Empower Series Curb Ramp includes a built-in adapter that hangs off the end of the ramp, enabling the ramp to rest on a door threshold or raised surface.

Butt Ramps

The upper end of the Empower Series Butt Ramp includes two legs that allow the ramp to “butt-up” to a raised surface or doorway without interfering with a swinging door.

Self-adjusting transition

The self-adjusting transition plate ensures a smooth transition on or off the ramp from most surfaces.

2” wheel guards

Two-inch wheel guards surround our ramps and platforms, preventing accidents and ensuring safe travel throughout the ramp.

Optional Handrails

All Rampit USA Curb or Butt Ramps are available with or without matching handrails.

Available in variety of sizes

We recommend following ADA guidelines when choosing a size for your ramp.

Standard Lengths

2′ – 10′

Available in six-inch intervals

Standard Widths

28″ – 48″

Available in one-inch intervals

Custom sizes available upon request

Don’t see the size you’re looking for? No problem. Our team can custom-build nearly all of our products to meet a variety of different specifications. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.